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A Bill of Lading is a document of title, written receipt issued by a carrier, a transport company, that it has taken possession and received a item of property and usually also confirming the details of delivery (such as method, time, place or to whom), and serves as the carrier's title for the purpose of transportation.

Air Waybill

The air waybill is a document which shall be either an air waybill referred to as an “airline air waybill”, with preprinted issuing carrier identification, or an air waybill referred to as a “neutral air waybill” without preprinted identification of the issuing carrier in any form and used by other than an air carrier.

Measurements of the Air Waybill


A Bill of Sale is one of your most important forms. A Bill of Sale (also known as a sales invoice) is a record of the transaction for both the seller and the buyer. Bill of Sale - an invoice signed by the seller reciting that he has sold to the buyer the personal property therein described.